2007 West           1 - Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado


Friday, September 21, 2007 - - - on the road . . .



Once you get across the Texas panhandle the rest is easy.




Just over the horizon from here is Des Moines, New Mexico, the home of my friends Tim Keller and Christina Boyce


Tim is a great songwriter, teacher, and gardener


He was the first songwriter to teach me one of his songs over 18 years ago


the first to play a houseconcert at my home.


Now it's 16 years and 200+  concerts later


Tim is also a great cook


with a great video library


This is the amazing Christina, artist and then some


She needed a ride to work (it was almost two blocks)


This is Baca Valley Telephone, where Cristina works


This is Cristina's new art gallery across the street. It will open next spring


Downtown Des Moines, New Mexico


Capulin Volcanic Mountain is just a few miles away


I find things here more interesting than those in Des Moines, Iowa


Playing a song for Tim is like giving a book report to the author


See what I mean about Tim's cooking?



All too soon it's time to head north into Colorado





The Royal Gorge Bridge near Canon City, Colorado



I'm just outside Nederland, Colorado, looking for the home of my friend Darryl Purpose


I found it

and it's a wonderful place



If you haven't heard Darryl's music, you really should.   http://www.darrylpurpose.com


This is the telescope Darryl bought from me and the hot tub that felt great after a cold wet ride


Darryl's living room is at 8500 ft, 300 ft. above the nice village of Nederland.


It was hard to say goodbye to Darryl.  (I was also waiting for the sleet to stop)



The Aspens were just beginning to turn



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