2007 West - - - Idaho and Washington





This isn't Lake Lavon


My friend Roger King's place on Johnny Long Mountain, a few miles west of Sandpoint



Is Roger proud of his Irish heritage?  Well . . .


Here comes the leprechaun of Johnny Long Mountain


He's been working on this great picnic area


And tree house


We roasted hot dogs and s'mores






One of Roger's many inventions



Some of the others


These are versions of rivet gun he developed. He calls it "The Main Squeeze"


Roger's workshop and the "poppy machine" he built. (No, not that kind of poppy)


Roger and I try to do a photo like this about every 10-15 years








I'm headed for the town of Rainier, to visit Zambuto Optical


Chuck (left) and Carl (right) make my telescope mirrors. Fredda and Joycelyn make sure they do it right.


Carl took me by a great local meat market to stock up for Poulsbo


The new glass machining operation





Diamond curve generating on a Pyrex mirror blank


One of the mirror blanks for my first run of 12.5" Teleports


I got my first look at the blank for my personal 20" Teleport before leaving for Poulsbo


Linda's building project is moving right along. I did my job (to stay out of the way) rather well I thought.








Her contract allows Linda to take hot tub breaks


She leaves Ursula is in charge


Assisted by the ever-capable Quixote


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