2007 West - - - Oregon and California


I began the return trip by heading south to Oregon







Heading for the ski country north of Klamath Falls


I left my chains back in Dallas, but there wasn't much snow until California





Later it got cold


For 30 years I've read motorcycle magazine articles by Dennis Rouse and had longed wished I could meet him.


I Kathy's is in Bieber, California, where Dennis now lives. I was sure he would be here, but he wasn't.


I had almost finished breakfast before he came in.  "Dennis, next time please try to be more prompt."






Heading south to Lassen Volcanic Park, I came across this











I hoped the road through the park would be open


But it had just been closed and they made all of us do U-turns at the entrance


I re-routed west through Shingletown to get to Tom Osypowsky's home in Grass Valley





Tom is the creator of Equatorial Platforms and Spica Eyes telescopes





The "LPTFGV"  is the Largest Platform and Telescope Factory in Grass Valley.


And his wildlife refuge is here as well


This is Spica, still too sleepy to show the eyes that gave Tom's telescopes their name


And it's too soon time to head to Lake Tahoe and on east




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