2007 West - - - Back to Texas


My friends John and Debbie York in El Paso.  This was my first time to meet the newest members of the family


Samantha is a natural model


William is just a natural


Too soon it's time to head east through the Guadalupe Mountains











I took this photo just for my special friend, Sue Lewis.


And it's in Lubbock Texas and it's controlled by Japanese electronics. I think this is globalization.


My first visit to Buddy's shrine








Lubbock, the windy city


As Mac Davis said "Happiness Was Lubbock Texas in my Rear View Mirror . . .




My friend and customer, Dr. Fred Koch is creating the premier public observing facility in Texas.


With equipment like this 15" refractor


Ron was my guide. He works to make Comanche Springs such an inviting place




But unsavory types do sometimes drop in





Check out what's happening at Comanche Springs at  http://www.3rf.org


Ron shows me the new 22.5" binoculars. They were built by Bruce Sayre, whom you'll see later


Fred's house, in Quanah


This was a gala reception for the folks from Swinburne in Melbourne, who are working with Fred.









Larry is a Texan and Lachlan and Tony  are Aussies I met them at the star party there last spring. Bruce is from California





Of course Fred always has the very best in entertainment (just look at those fingers)





The Sayres make great telescopes and great breakfasts



And thank you, BMW R1200RT



I kept the seat and grip heaters on "high" much of the time and they made all the difference.


Joe and Sam were glad to see me.  Sam's droopy eye cleared up over the next few days.


1 - Texas, New Mexico, & Colorado 5 - Nevada & Utah
2 - Wyoming, the Dakotas, & Montana 6 - Colorado
3 - Idaho and Washington 7 - New Mexico
4 - Oregon & California 8 – Back to Texas



Thanks for joining me on this little ride around part of our beautiful country.

Photos of our New Zealand and Australia trip in 2006 are at http://www.teleporttelescopes.com/NZOZ

And photos of my Galapagos trip in 2006 are at http://www.teleporttelescopes.com/Galapagos